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Tess Keightley Authentic Spoon

Tess Keightley, Authentic Spoon Nutrition founder

- known as the "digital dietitian"


Works as a nutrition consultant for health-conscious

individuals, brands, and organisations allowing brands to flourish,  and add value to their products by delivering trusted dietitian-approved key messages so brands can expand their authority in the wellness space.


Authentic Spoon Nutrition shares education across various multimedia platforms -helping pave the way for a more nutritious future. 


About Authentic Spoon Nutrition

Tess Keightley - dietitian and founder of Authentic Spoon Nutrition defines herself as a "digital dietitian". Authentic Spoon Nutrition was established after Tess' own personal experience trying to find trusted evidenced-based nutritional information online and social media. After completing a Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics, Today, Authentic Spoon Nutrition offers nutrition consultancy service for individuals, media commentary and food industry consulting - allowing brands to flourish,  and add value to their products by delivering trusted dietitian-approved key messages so brands can expand their authority in the wellness space. Tess was the dietitian for Youfoodz from 2019-2022 - a nationally recognised meal delivery service and has a background in nutrition communications, marketing, private-practice and clinical dietetics.

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Online Consultations

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