Online Consultations

Stuck on your weight loss journey? Need help supporting your PCOS? Do you struggle with binge eating? A 45-minute consultation includes a thorough health assessment with Tess to establish your dietary and lifestyle needs, to help you achieve your goals. This fully prescriptive service provides you with an individually tailored meal plan, along with a treatment plan so you can implement healthful practices in your life with ease. Private Health Insurance and medicare rebates available. 

Food Industry Consultancy 

Authentic Spoon Nutrition should be the first point of contact for all health-conscious food brands, looking to garner a trusted dietitian tick of approval to help your brand flourish.  Tess' deliverables include key nutrition messages, food styling, product awareness & content creation, recipe development & menu approval. Like her nutrition advice, Tess does not believe in a one sized fits all approach and would love to chat further about the value she can bring to your brand. 


Is your news story in need of expert opinion? Tess can offer nutrition commentary for topics surrounding dietetics, nutrition, and business. With her industry-regulated credentials and professional experience, Tess can add value to any article, editorial, news report, or feature, elevating it to the next level with her expert contribution. Tess has the ability to translate nutrition science into easy to digest information.

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