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About Tess

Tess Keightley is a media Dietitian & founder of Authentic Spoon Nutrition. Tess communicates evidence-based practises through her cordial demeanour, cultivating her message of authentic nutrition advice that encourages sustainability, healthful food promotion and positive food relationship outcomes. 


Tess’ exceptional service has seen her work alongside some of Australia’s biggest brand names, recently landing the role as the Dietitian for YouFoodz Australia. Her impressive resume features work alongside honourable brands such as, Channel 9 Australia, Queensland Government, Australian Heart Foundation, Dairy Australia, Australia Sweet Potato, Queensland Health, Australian Heart Foundation, McCormick Food Company &, Arnott’s.


Tess has secured her influence amongst the online nutrition space, boasting 23,000 Instagram followers and 25,000 Tik Tok followers. It’s through her online presence and extensive work experience that Tess was recognised as a Top 20 Nutrition Professional, for 2019-2020. Landing her an invitation to an intimate meeting with Jaime Oliver at Woolworths Headquarters.


After only a quick glance at Tess’ Instagram, you will see her message reads loud and clear; there is space for all foods in our diets. You will also see that Tess doesn’t take herself too seriously, she loves to have a laugh and finds that being her authentic self is the best way to communicate her nutrition messages.

More recently, Tess has released ‘Authentic Conversations’ the second season of her Podcast ‘Authentic Spoon Nutrition’ which aims to connect with everyday Australians, that have extraordinary stories. Tess does not select her guests based on their social status, rather the stories and lessons they can share with her community, and that align with her values of authenticity. Despite its infancy, Tess’ podcast is averaging 600 downloads per episode, and is currently sitting at number 12 in the Australian Nutrition Podcast charts.


As a member of the Accredited Practising Dietitian Program, Tess can deliver quality nutritional messages, and trusted dietitian-approved labelling. This distinct feature can heighten your brand status, giving your brand evidence-backed authority, separating it from other competitors in a saturated market. Put simply, Tess helps brands deliver nutrition education to expand their authority in the wellness space.


Tess’ deliverables can be made available upon request, however, much like her nutrition advice, Tess does not believe in a one size fits all approach, and therefore her deliverables can be tailored to best suit your brand needs.

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